Pictures from the workshop and factory. This was scanned from the Victorinox memo-book I received in Brunnen.

Blade stampings and details about how to date your Victorinox. The disadvantage is that the page comes from a book, published in 1984. "The knife and its history" came out in honour of the 100th aniversary of Victorinox.

This little booklet was inside the box from the Spartan Limited edition - 115 years.

A very old page from the 1903 catalogue. This gives you an idea how long this design allready exists...

The next pages are taken from the second best Victorinox-book available : SWISS ARMY KNIVES "A collector's companion". It's small in size, but offers great information about the blade stamps and the tools...

The next pages are from a sales-brochure and contain a lot of technical information.