**108 mm knives**

German Army knife *0.8770.04*

Victorinox Solo / Adventurer 108 mm *0.87 10*

Victorinox Solo plus 108 mm

Victorinox Pathfinder / Safari Pathfinder

Victorinox Hunter 108 mm / Safari Hunter *0.87 80*

**91 mm knives**

Michel Jordi line

**VINTAGE knives**

My "Vintage" collection anno 10/2013. This is my favorite part in collecting Victorinox knives. If you spot an old one on a market or Ebay you immediately start age dating the knife, but you never know what price they'll ask or if there are other collectors interested. Even knives in a bad condition or with small defects are a treat. Sometimes I need to remind myself that I have a wife waiting for me, because I always loose track of time when I start cleaning an old one... 

Here's a view on my collection anno february 2013. I try to display every knife as good as I can, but sometimes you just need more space. The room is getting crowded and this might mean that I have to sell the daggers and folders to expand my Victorinox collection. I'll never buy something to leave it in a drawer... I want to enjoy my collection when I'm in the room and when we have visitors, they're always amazed by the sheer beauty of these knives. A lot of them cary one now, thanks to my "pursuasive" character. :)