Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cybertool 29/34

The Cybertool bitdriver is in my opinion one of the most valuable additions of the past 20 years. I know this is a bold opinion, but after using the CT29 for years in a IT-environment, I can say that this tool is what Victorinox needed to put their SAK in a new daylight. The bits are smaller then the standard ones you find in any shop, but that makes reaching small hidden screws an easy job. The 90 degree angle in the bit driver gives you that extra torque when the screws block and the fact that you can use the bits both ways, shows that the design department did once more a great job in saving space and weight. One small comment on the current design is that I sometimes loose some of the bits when the bitdriver stands open. The bits are a bit too loose in the bitholder, but hey, one small comment on a great item is nothing... I still love it! Recently I added the CT34 to my collection and I read on that a lot of people love this model, thanks to the great tool combo-size ratio. I love the fact that it has the small pliers added on an already great tool. The CT bitdriver was first used in 2000 and contains 4 different bits with 3 of them useable on both ends. One exception on this is the XAVT with two bit drivers and the double amount of bits. There are four "basic" models in the Cybertool range... CT29-CT34-CT41 and the CT light. There are others like the XAVT with the bitdriver, but these are exceptions....


  1. Cybertool bits falling out of the inside toolholder?? A coat or two of clear nail polish to the *inside* of the black plastic, and the tools stay put.

    1. That's some clever hack!

      I am a sysadmin and I love hacking electronics this Cybertool 34 honestly changed my life.

      In the morning when I lift my pair of jeans to dress up the sweet security of the right "weight" that tells me that my Victorinox is included makes me sure that I'll have zero tools problems :)