Friday, October 19, 2012

Polishing cellidor scales

Whenever I buy an used Victorinox, I'm a little bit dissapointed about the lack of respect the previous owner had for it. The metal looks either bent or scratched beyond repair... The plastic scales are often in the worst shape. Cellidor has the tendency of attracting scratches. Use your knife as a "pocket" knife and within a month, you'll see the result on the scales. Well, today we're gonna talk about removing those surface-scratches. When the scales are dent, it's almost impossible to get them brand new without removing the Victorinox logo or print. 

I use a car-scratch remover paste. Any other polishing paste will do. Don't use sanding paper, or aggressive chemicals!!! Start off with cleaning the surface. This is important because when you don't, the dirt will often crawl between every nasty scratch or opening it'll find. Next up is wrubbing a lot with a firm movement. Use a microfibre cloth. this will give the most reliable result. Clean the scales with some paper towels after a few minutes. You'll feel the burn in your wrist! Believe me! The result is incredible, without removing any of the logo's or prints! DONT DO THIS WITH SURFACE PRINTED SCALES! **only with metal inlayed logo's or prints** Good luck! Here are some pictures...

UPDATE : When the scratches are too deep, you can use steelwool and wrub it firmly against the scales till you see the red cellidor powder on your steelwool. After the surface is scratchless again, you use the same method as mentioned above. This should give back that lost shine. DO NOT USE THIS METHOD ON SURFACE PRINTS, only metal inlaid logos or figures!

 It looks like these scales are already polished, but believe me, they were dull and filled with surface scratches. After the polishing, you'll get back that brand new look. A real mirror finish...
 Don't use too much paste! The excess will get between the layers and tools...
  Wrub the paste in the cloth before you touch the scales. This is to even the paste surface.
 The result...


  1. good article. one question: can i use toothpaste?

    1. Thank you! Toothpaste should work too, but don't expect the same result as with real polishing paste. One more thing... If you like to ask a question on this blog, please use a name, because with the anonymous function, I'll presume it's spam. I receive a lot of spam and it's almost impossible to check everything. That's why it took me so long to answer.



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