Friday, October 19, 2012

The Victorinox-trip

Ibach / Brunnen 10/2012

My wife and I went a few weeks ago to the Victorinox factory in Ibach and the brand store/museum in Brunnen. I didn't see the factory interior, but payed a visit to the factory store instead. The brand store/museum was worth the visit, but the museum was small and, well, the interactive display was LOUD! When we arrived at the museum, there was allready a guided tour going on, but in swiss language. We didn't understand it, so we went looking for one of the many interesting items there. One of them is the huge interactive display on one of the walls with an small touchscreen in front. Press on one of the key-dates and you get a friendly voice giving you the details of that date. What we didn't know, was that the voice was a little bit loud... We pressed it and the guide starts talking even louder. Everybody was looking at us. Oh my god, i was soooo emberassed... :oops: Luckily, after a minute it stopped... 

The factory store was smaller than I imagined, but had the amount of knives I was expecting. Beautiful set-up, and cheap! I got an overall 10% discount on prices that were allready low! This trip is highly recommended if you're a sak-nut. The wife was satisfied by the beautiful scenery (mountains, lakes,...) and we're even considdering a second trip next year. We did this trip in two days (1400 km). A little bit too short, but it was an impulsive decision... Here are the pictures... 

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