Friday, October 19, 2012

Why I collect 'm

I started collecting knives a few years ago, but the interest came from an unusual source... In my childhood years, I allways went twice a year on a vacation. Once with the grandparents and once with my parents. My grandfather had a strange interest in knives and bought the occasional pocket or hunting knife, but never collected them. As a kid, I was amazed by the beauty and craftsmanship of each knife. After a few years I got my very first knife. A cheap ass chinese folding knife. I'll never forget. But, oh , I felt strong! I was Rambo himself... After a year or so, I collected 10-15 knives, but the interest faded away...... I tought.... About 5 years ago I started over again and bougt a survival knife.... Right now, I own 150 military/hunting/survival knives and about 80 Victorinox pocket knives. I was amazed, once again!

My main interest now, are the Victorinox pocket knives, but I still keep looking for the more common knives...

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