Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Alox Electrician plus marlinspike

Happy birthday to meeeee...This Electrician plus Marlinspike limited edition was the present I received today from my wife. She ordered it at the Felinevet shop. It's a limited edition with only 50 pieces made worldwide and the electrician blade's numbered 43/50. Not much to say about this knife, but a nice feature is the lightning-symbol on the back and the rare Marlinspike. This knife looks real nice, has all the tools you would need in my line of work, but misses a more attractive color. The bright orange is a real dirt-magnet.... No, I'm not gonna use it.... ;) It's a standard 93mm design with marlinspike, main blade, electrician blade, caplifter and woodsaw. A nice addition to my collection! Thanks schatteke.....


  1. Love it. I have my eye on the blue one.

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