Sunday, February 3, 2013

Michel Jordi Spartan

This is one over the top knife with a rather old scale design. The Edelweiss print is used over and over again and doesn't give the knife the credit it deserves. The corkscrew, keychain and scale logo are gold plated. The name "Michel Jordi" is laser-etched in the main blade and stamped in the main logo on the scale. The scales are dented and the main blade was surface scratched, but I was able to clean it up... Michel Jordi was born in 1948 at Canton de Souleure, but lives and works in Nyon. He's a Swiss watchmaker and became famous with the watch "CLIP" in 1986 and is known for his folklore designs. These knives are made in 1995/96 and came in red, blue, green and black. It was designed exclusively for Michel Jordi and all the tools were manufactured in Ibach except for the scale emblem and edelweiss design.They come normally with a nice design leather sheath. The sheath contains the same Edelweiss print as on the scales. A nice addition to my collection... There was a small amount released with a solid gold corkscrew. Unfortunately this one hasn't the solid gold one. More info follows... UPDATE : A few days ago (30/10/2013) I saw the red one in the factory shop in Ibach for 35 CHF sold as a liquidation item, so without the leather pouch. 

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