Monday, February 25, 2013

Promotional knives

Some collect these knives, but for me it's more a nice extra when I buy multiple knives at once. A lot of them look real nice, but sometimes they're Elinox (enonomy-series) knives without the tweezers and toothpick. Often it's a real surprise to see what companies invest in a valuable promo-item...One caught my attention... the Crypto AG. This Swiss company works under contract with the NSA and provides (for as far as I could find) secured software and network access, even for the army. The Swiss companies lead, but that's no surprise. A Victorinox knife for them is a national pride and a company-symbol in one... The larger American companies often use the 58mm model (for example- Apple - Google - Microsoft). It surprised me to see that even Belgian companies invest in a "pricy" promotional item like a 91mm. This is a small selection of my promotional stockpile...

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