Thursday, November 22, 2012

1940's Victorinox Tourist

Well, this one was a challenge! I bought it from Marios Kardaras. A well known name in the sak-world. He sold it as a spartan from 1968-1974 according to the main blade stamp, but after a long search for other age - marks, I stumbled upon tools made from 1942 till 1946. So here goes my theory... My guess is that the knife was originally from let's say 1942, but in the sixties, the main blade was damaged and repaired by Victorinox. They used a "new" blade instead of a vintage one. UPDATE: At first this knife looked like a Spartan, but after a while, I figured out that it was a Tourist, This one is identical to the Spartan, but in the smaller, 84mm package...

Age - marks :

* Cellidor scales : These scales were introduced in 1937. Before 1937 the scales were made from fibre, and had no mirror polish. This knife has cellidor scales!
* Can opener : The typical Soldier 1891 can opener ( large curved spike ) was produced till 1946. From then on there were two new types. The most recent one changed a little bit in the last few years, but stays by far the best one ever made. But this knife has the oldest type!
* NEW reamer : From 1961 on, they changed the beautiful triangular shaped reamer in the known curved reamer. This knife has the old type!
* Rivets : From 1961 on they made the rivets invisible (inside the scales). These rivets are very visible!!! :)
* Shackle / Ring : From 1961 on they made it possible of attaching  your keys to the knife by shackle at first, later by attachment ring. This knife has none of the above!
* Cap lifter : The cap lifter without the wire stripper and narrowed flathead screwdriver was made from 1942 till 1951.

Conclusion :

I could go on with this for a while, but I think it's clear that this knife was never produced after 1961!  A realistic conclusion would be that the knife was manufactured between 1942 and 1946! It's allways a real joy, when I receive an old knife with so many questions. When you finally find out when it was made, it gives you a certain motivation to pull out the rest of your knives to do the same... It's addictive!

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