Saturday, November 24, 2012

Old Settler

I just love Alox knives. The first vintage Vics I bought were some nice alox ones, the Pioneer Harvester to be more specific. But this one is in near mint condition and has a shackle I've never seen before. It got me interested, when I was looking at the sales-page from Marios K. and after some hesitating, I bought it. There were some small flakes of paint missing on the bottom of the knife, but the overall condition was better than you would expect from a alox knife. The alox scales are more scratch sensitive, then the celluloid ones, because the celluloid can be polished over and over again, but the alox ones are doomed to show their true underground... bare aluminum. Here's what I've found so far.....

Age - marks :

* Small blade : The small blade has a clip point. These blades were used till 1973.
* Blade stamp : The main blade stamp says ELINOX with the crossbow in the middle. This one was used from 1957 till 1975.
* Bail / Shackle : ???

Conclusion : 

This is a beautiful knife, but one of the low-budget series called ELINOX. The low budget series was made till 1975. After 1975, it all became Victorinox on the main blade. The difference is in the grade of blade finish. Mine has a brushed steel look, while a Victorinox would have been polished. There isn't much info about these knives, and this leaves me with a rather large time window from 1957 till 1973. If you have any info about this or other knives, don't hesitate and contact me at !

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