Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Victorinox Sentinel vs. Wenger Ranger

Ok, I know what everyone is thinking now.... He's a Vic fan so there's no chance this review's gonna be objective. Well, I can tell you that I will do my very best to make this as professional as possible....These two knives are in my humble opinion the very best when it comes to one bladed-knives. The Ranger was a sporadic purchase a few years ago, but I'm a Vic fan, so the Ranger stayed in the display cabinet. I loved the design, but the handles and blade lock felt cheap. They both are great Every Day Carry -knives with a blade that's large enough to defend yourself and light enough to carry it without knowing it. But there are differences, and I'm gonna tell you what they are. This is an opinion, not a fact! ;)

Wenger Ranger : This knife is at first glance beautiful, but when you grab the handle it feels like real plastic. The scales are partially hollow and that's why it feels a bit less sturdy in comparison to the Sentinel. The blade length is perfect (130mm) and weight is low enough to consider it an edc (99gr.). The blade shape is perfect for prying, but the thumbhole is rather a design attribute than a practical part. It's placed far to high to put enough opening force at it and the sharp corners inside the hole make it look real nice, but it makes putting your thumb inside and especially with gloves on, very difficult. (YES, I have large thumbs! :)) The fact that you can close the knife by pressing the logo is just COOL! VERY KEWL! This is a real knife for showing off with your friends! Overall a very cool looking knife with a practically shaped handle, nice closing design, great blade length/weight, but if it comes to comparing, it just feels a bit less strong than the competition (Sentinel). 

Victorinox Sentinel : This knife was for a long time on my most wanted list. A few months ago, I ordered one from a German Ebay seller and have to say that I was a little bit disapointed when I held it for the first time. It is shorter than the Ranger and I really think that the 130mm from the Ranger is the bare minimum for an edc. The blade shape is known from my Vic Soldier, and makes it a great tool, but the "scare" factor is lost by this type of blade. The handles are the known nylon type, but miss the rubber inlay like with the soldier. The thumbhole is perfect! Easy opening, even with gloves on... The liner lock is another story. Victorinox has the "strange" habit of placing the unlocking feature in the opposite direction. It makes closing the knife rather dangerous when the thumb is placed in front of the closing blade. The strength of the lock is awesome! It snaps open and you have an instant feel of a blade that won't move anymore. Safety is here guaranteed! Blade length is 86mm and the weight is approx. 71,8 gr. Overall is this knife a very light, razor sharp, functional knife with a very safe construction and strong first impression!

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