Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rescue Tool

After 5 years of cooperation with rescue and security services, Victorinox created the Rescue Tool. This tool combines everything you'll need to escape, or help in an emergency. The glow in the dark scales or Stay Glow as Victorinox likes to call it, are a nice addition on this already complete 111mm knife. Two tools (window crusher and glas-saw) can be changed when dull, and the large flat screwdriver can be used as a prying tool thanks to the dual liner lock. The sheath has a large belt loop and is especially designed for fire and police departments. I bought this knife because I love the Stay Glow scales and especially the 111mm design. This is a nice knife for hiking or just to leave behind in your car. I like it a bit too much and mine stays in the display cabinet.

Tools :

* Main blade
* Philips head screwdriver
* Reamer
* Window crusher
* Large flat screwdriver
* Cap lifter
* Seatbelt cutter
* Key ring
* Tweezers
* Toothpick
* Glas saw

Specs :

* length : 111 mm
* width : 20 mm
* weight : 180 gr.

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