Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Swisschamp

Where to start? This giant is a 91mm model and this is by far the most popular type of Victorinox. The first 91mm was the Officers knife and came along with the 100mm soldier knife in 1891. Since then there changed a lot behind the screens, but the model stayed basically the same. The scales changed from fibre plates to cellidor in 1937 and some tools changed a bit, but the main design stayed close to its roots.  The length is ideal for the more demanding tasks, without carrying a heavy knife. From a Spartan to the Swisschamp..... More then enough to choose from. Here's a selection of my 91 mm collection.

The Swisschamp is the largest 91mm model widely available for an affordable price! I have to be carefull with what I say, because there are larger models out there, but the Swisschamp is still portable and has a retail price between 60 and 80 euros. It consists of 8 layers and holds 33 functions. This model was introduced in 1985 and was the follow up of the Champion. The Swisschamp and Spartan, the two opposites in size are the most popular 91mm models and therefor often used as special editions. One of them is the current version with hardwood scales as you can see on one of the pictures. Others are the staghorn, Mother of Pearl, Rosewood, and so on...

The hardwood scales are still integrating the tweezers and toothpick! The logo is stamped into the wood and is therefor durable, unlike the painted logo on the rosewood scales.

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