Friday, December 28, 2012

Victorinox's customer value

Everybody knows that a Victorinox catalog or other promotional items are wanted by collectors, but they aren't easy to find. The smaller shops (not the outlet stores!) aren't keened to give their precious catalogs away. You can always take a look at the online catalog, but if you're a die-hard collector as myself, you probably want the real deal! So after searching for one on the second hand sites, I almost gave up. The strange thing is that I never tried to get one from Victorinox in Ibach. So I tried in my best English to set up a mail through the Victorinox website and within 24 hours I received an answer, strangly  enough, in Dutch. The site redirects the questions on the site instantly to the main outlet shop of that country. The shop that answered was "DESLOGES" in Brussels. These guys are amazing! They let me know that some promotional items would be sent within the next few days. I was surprised that everything happened so fast and was eagerly awaiting my catalog. A few days later I received a large padded envelope with an informational brochure about the history, catalog of 2011, stickers and a lot of flyers. This was far more then I expected! I felt like a kid on Christmas eve! I guess my visit to Brussels is gonna be much sooner as planned! Thanks guys!

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