Sunday, December 23, 2012

Victorinox OUTLET store Roermond (NL)

Another sporadic visit... Well, we were wondering what to do on a sunday evening and suddenly I reminded that the outlet stores in Roermond were open on sundays till 8 o'clock in the evening. After a 1hour drive I began to realise that I should've downloaded the map of the outlet stores. Thanks to one of the many floorplans we found the Victorinox store. When I arrived at the store, I just wanted to know what they had in stock as soon as possible. Damn, it started itching.... :) 90% of the store is clothing and watches, but the remaining 10% was AMAZING!!! I saw the classics with stone scales, mother of pearl executive and many other 74mm models of witch I tought they were extincted! The prices were "fair", but this shop only had one drawback. I noticed that everything was pointed towards the clothes and not the knives. Anyway, it was definitely worth the visit, and I'm going back very soon! 

Outlet Store Roermond

Victorinox Retail Nederland B.V.
Stadsweide 416
Unit 309 NL-6041 TP Roermond 
Tel. +31 (0)475 338 516 Fax +31 (0)475-339188 

After some drooling, I had to make up my mind and choose. If it was up to me, I would've taken them all, but after a few minutes I was thinking straight and made a choice. I learned some very important things in this store. It was the first time that I would buy knives with natural scales, and I never realised that they are unique. So, after a lot of hesitation I chose a MOP executive and a classic with stone scales. Real beauties if you ask me, but that's my taste offcourse. The personel is extremely helpfull and tries to answer as good as possible.


  1. Cool shop. Frankly I envy because in my country (Poland) this kind of outlet is not Victorinox. By the way, happy Christmas :-)

  2. Shops like this one are within a reasonable distance because I live close to the Dutch and German border. In Belgium we have the same problem. The only outlet store we have is in Brussels. That's over an hour for me and it's not a city you drive to "just for fun". But, it's on my "go to" list for next year, so.... I can only wish for you that someday Victorinox decides to open one up in Poland! Oh, and a merry Christmas to you too!

  3. Victorinox has several stores in poland.
    The main Shop is VICTORINOX POLAND UL. PTASIA 6,
    48 22 6521908 +48 22 6521908

    If Waszawa is too far for you, you can allways go to and use the store finder.

    With best regards.

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  5. Dear Anomymous, on what facts are your accusations based if I may ask?

    A worried Victorinox Employee.

  6. Beste Jeroen,

    Ik lees geheel verbaasd een erg vervelende comment die concequenties kan hebben voor mijn carriere.
    Iemand beweert dat ik mijn familie (erg hoge) korting geef op onze Victorinox producten. De korting die ik mijn familie en vrienden mag geven is 30%, en daar hou ik mij ook aan.
    Ik wil dat graag met deze post uit de wereld helpen en zou het erg appricieren als je die post wilt verwijderen.


    Ruud Reinen
    Assistant Store Manager Victorinox

    1. Consider it done! ;) Ik heb deze posts over het hoofd gezien. Mijn excuses! Dit is geen blog om mensen te beledigen of te beschuldigen. Hier heeft niemand baat bij. Ik ben erg tevreden over de Outlet store in roermond en kan alleen maar zeggen dat het personeel een pluim verdient! Jullie zijn enorm behulpzaam en vriendelijk!

  7. Hi to you all. On 18-08-2017 I visited the Vic outlet in Roermond. Indeed, most of the attention is to clothes, suitcases and watches. If you are looking for a Vic watch with big discount then go to Roermond! They have a really good selection of very affordable Vic watches.
    The choice on pocket knives was a little bit disappointing, however I still managed to buy some nice knives and knife accessories. I paid € 27 for a Huntsman "Year of the Horse 2013" (European edition, that is without the show case), and € 38,35 for a Climber with the odd Long Nail File (LNF). A Classic "My Little Big Toolbox" cost me only € 14,60.
    Staff is very friendly and patient. They show great empathy for knife afficionado's who are having a difficult time to decide which knives they want to take with them and which they have to leave behind.
    All in all, I was very satisfied with my visit to the Victorinox Outlet.