Friday, December 28, 2012

Swiss Cheese Knife

The Swiss Cheese Knife, introduced in 2010, is based on a 111mm design, without the "one hand opening". It contains, as the name would suggest, a special tool, the cheese knife. This cheese blade is used for the first time on this design and was developed on demand of the Switzerland Cheese Marketing AG. It uses a slide lock instead of the liner lock design and the traditional Victorinox shield is changed by the Swiss cross. The tweezers are missing, but the toothpick is still in the scales. The main blade is partially serrated for easy cutting bread and has the name "Swiss Cheese Knife" etched on it in 4 different languages. I own the standard version, made after the initial limited edition. This knife is now widely available, and the cheese tool will be used in more knives in the near future. 

Tools :

* Main blade, partially serrated
* Cheese blade with forked tip
* Corkscrew
* Toothpick
* Keyring

Specs :

* length : 111 mm
* width : 15,8 mm
* weight : 76gr.

It is a great looking knife with a unique tool-combination and a high collectable-factor.

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