Friday, December 28, 2012

125 years Heritage knife

In occasion of the 125th aniversary of Victorinox ,the heritage knife, or first Soldiers knife replica came out in 2009. The entire 125 years your companion for life collection was stunning. The climber, cyber tool, classic and swisscard, all had a etched main blade, and are real collectors items. I managed to get the climber and the heritage knife. The heritage knife is without a doubt the most expensive Victorinox I own, but it's worth every euro. The simplicity, high grade pollish and beautiful wooden scales are once more the proof that these knives over 125 years ago must have been a real magnet for those who had the chance to own one of these. Behind the triangular shaped reamer there's a unique number stamped. This number is divided in 4 main areas with each 1.884 pieces distributed. The second area is Europe. I believe the first one is Switzerland, the third one rest of the world and last but not least the fourth should be North America and Canada. The box is made of the same wood used on the scales and has a nice metal Victorinox shield glued on. Inside the lid there's a small space behind a padded plate where you'll find the certificate and a nice copy of the original drawing from 1884. These pages are made of a high grade material and gives it a authentic look. Everything about this knife gives you a quality feeling....the way we are used to by Victorinox... If you are willing to spend far more then you're used to on a Vic, buy this one! You won't be dissapointed!

Tools :

* Main blade
* Large flat screwdriver
* Old type can opener
* Old type reamer

Specs :

* length : 100 mm closed
* width : 18 mm
* weight : 144 gr.

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