Thursday, November 22, 2012

Victorinox Skipper

This one was on my "most wanted" list for a long time now, but for 50 euro one of the more expensive NEW knives. The beautiful blue scales with the four cardinal directions in a white surface print are a real collector-magnet. The one thing that makes this knife other then the more common knives, is the marlin spike and shackle wrench. I found it on a Belgian second hand site for 20 euro! this is a great knife for the rougher jobs, thanks to the blade lock. I would love to use it at work, but for now it stays in the display cabinet.... Just to be safe! ;)

Technical specs :

* 111 mm model
* royal blue nylon scales
* Large Blade with Slide Lock
* Shackle Opener with Marlinspike
* Pliers
* Cap-Lifter with screwdriver
* Can-Opener with screwdriver
* Reamer with Sewing-eye
* Inline Phillips Screwdriver
* Tweezers
* Corkscrew
* Toothpick


  1. I have the helmsman and love it. The marlin spike really comes in handy with climbing knots.

  2. Finally someone with a positive comment on the flat marlin spike. Victorinox made two types, as you might know. The thick version is placed on the alox knives like the Seaman and the "flat"version on the skipper and helmsman. I've never used the marlin spike, so for me it's guessing, but I'm glad you like it. It's a beautiful knife!