Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The new Soldier in real life.

I always hear people say : I used the knife in the woods or on a hiking trip... I made a spear and killed a bear... Ok, maybe not killing a bear, but you get it. These days, and certainly in a city, we don't have the need to apply bushcraft. These knives are used for far more then cutting branches and opening food cans... I'm an electrician by the way, and my Victorinox Soldier has become an indispensable tool!

 Let's start off with why I use the Soldier and not an "Electrician" like it should be.... Whenever you're working with cables, larger than the 3g2,5 used for power outlets, the knives without a locking mechanism become dangerous. Believe me, I've felt it! Making a circular cut around the cable to pull off the jacket is fairly easy, but when you start to slice trough the cable for peeling, it becomes dangerous. When you slide away accidentaly, your hand makes a back-movement as a response to the force you applied. When that happens, the blade closes and cuts your hand. This is my impression. I'm sure there are some supermen out there with a flawless way of being perfect,but I make the occasional srew-up. ;) One other reason is the saw. The saw on the soldier is just large enough for some dry-wall cutting. Whenever I need a small hole in a dry-wall, I use ONLY my Vic's saw! This tool is just awesome! Never gets dull and allways stays straight, even when I apply large forces to the side of the blade for circular movement. The reamer works like a charm when I need a screw-hole in a plastic box, and the large flathead screwdriver is locked and can take even the toughest screws. I love this knife!

One other knife I used to have in my toolbox was the Cybertool 29. This is also an incredible tool for server installation or small server appliance-installations. I forgot it in some serverroom a few weeks ago, and I miss it....

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