Friday, April 19, 2013

New knife lot...

Went to Mme Canif again and she showed me the usual boxes, filled with delicious knives  ;) The problem is that I never have enough money once I get started and pick everything I like... The main thing I was looking for was a replacement clock for a Supertimer. She had a Timekeeper with a damaged front scale, so I took it for disassembly and had it for a great price! Four commercial Vics with some nice logos and one of them in alox with not a single scratch on it... Another KL Soldier, this time from 1988 in fair condition. i'll have a lot of work to clean this one, but's an alox... The most beautiful one is the Victorinox Swisstool Spirit. It's in brand new condition and came with a leather pouch. This one is my first and I must say that I love it... It feels light, compared to the Swisstool and has a certain appeal. This multitool is something I would love to edc!

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