Friday, April 12, 2013

Victorinox Timekeeper and Supertimer

In 1992 Victorinox started inserting electronics in their knives... The first item was the analog quartz clock, operated by one LR44 battery. One major advantage of this clock compared to the modern electronics is that the clock's waterproof. The batterycover has a small seal hidden in the edge and the plastic displaycover is sealed with a waterresistant silicone.They made the first ones with Roman numerals and after a while they changed that to the more common hour-markings. These knives are real collectors items and have a value between 50 to 100 Euro, depending on the condition, type of numerals (Roman numerals are the early type) and type of knife... Victorinox discontinued the analog clock in 2007, since the digital clocks were smaller, easier to integrate and had more functions. As you can see by the pictures made of the back of the clock, it is fairly easy to change the battery. Before you can do this, you need to pull the clock out of the scale. You can do this by pulling the small button of the clock towards you while you hold down the knife. Once the clock is out the scale, you can start prying the small batterycover of the back. The battery is placed face down and should fit nicely. Once the cover is closed, you can set the clock by pulling the button outwards and twisting it. Same method you use with every other watch. The Supertimer is a Swisschamp with the clock-scales and the Timekeeper a Compact with the clock-scales... The back of the small clock has "no jewels" engraved. This refers to the Automatic watches, wich use "jewels" to minimize resistance between the gears. Victorinox uses a quartz-operated type of clock, wich uses a quartz crystal to create an electronic pulse and has no need to use the jewels, since this works electronic instead of mechanical...


  1. Hello Jeroen,
    I came across your website by chance. I have two SAK's each with an analog clock. One of the clocks is broken however and I would like to replace it. To your knowledge are these clocks available anywhere? I haven't had muck luck finding a source on the web. Thanks very much and this is a terrific site! please reply to:

    1. I replied at your mail-address but just to be sure, here's a copy...


      I had the same problem a few months ago. You’ve got two options… Buy a damaged Timekeeper or Supertimer with working clock secondhand and use the clock as a donor part (I haven’t got a source for these parts, you’ll have to look for one on Ebay or, or send it to Victorinox and hope they change the clock … I hope this helps…



  2. Hi. I live in the UK and want to buy my husband a timekeeper or super timer. Do you have any idea if I can buy one and from where??? Thanks.

  3. if your timekeeper clock is broken just sent the knife in for repair to victorinox you only pay shipping. i did this a few months ago and the put in a new clock. mayby on ebay you can find a timekeeper or other second hand stores

  4. I have a broken scale, cracked at the clock's side. Do you know if these special scales can be purchased, or 3D printed?

  5. Hello. I have this Super Timer Knife, and the battery is dead and has been lost. Can you please tell me what kind of replacement battery I would need to buy. The battery number. Thank you, much appreciated