Friday, April 12, 2013

On vacation...

Everyone looks at you like you're insane... They just can't understand why someone would make a picture of his pocket knife, especially at a place like this... It is without a doubt a "companion" for life and has earned his place on this picture... At the hotel I forgot to take the knife out of my wife's purse (she carries the knife on excursions) and she carried it, not knowing it was still there, towards the x-ray scan at the airport. The guys over there treat you like you were trying to sneak the damn thing on board, but after some explanation and some gentle (angry) looks from the wife, the officer puts the Victorinox in his pocket and says that we can proceed... I had to leave him behind, but again... what a story...and pictures... At least now they know in Thailand what a real pocket knife feels like...

above : Temple Wat Pho @ Bangkok, Thailand
under (first and second) : island Koh Talu @ Thailand

under : Temple Wat Pho @ Bangkok, Thailand

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