Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cherry wood / Hornbeam mods

These two weren't easy. Especially the hornbeam one. This wood is extremely strong and pale. Even with the slightest dirt, the scales look trashed. That's why I had to start over again 3 times with the varnish finish. This time I not only made the scales and constructed the knife, but I also made some experimental tools out of damaged blades. With the Hornbeam one I implemented an improvised gutter blade and a box-openener. This gutter blade is a copy of the blade in the 108mm discontinued safari knife. The box-opener was an idea I had for a long time and is interesting when you have a load of small knife-blades with broken tips. ;) The cherry wood looks stunning, but has the same tendency as the hornbeam when it comes to absorbing dirt. The main knife blade is changed to a clip point and has the metal and wood saw, scissors, cap lifter, can opener, philips head scfrewdriver and old type magnifying glass. Both knives have brass pins trough the scales with peened ends. this type of "construction" seems to hold very wel and looks great...

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