Saturday, May 4, 2013

Outlet haul : Vic "Deluxe" / Rocknife / Swisstool X

Another trip to the Outlet store in Roermond made me wonder if I could resist to buy more knives... The answer.... Nope... ;) When I saw the price of the Swisstool X, I didn't hesitate. 76 Euros for this multitool is cheap! Last time I went to Roermond, I bought the Andeer granite Rocknife classic for 36 euro and that was cheap, especially for a knife that once costed more then twice this amount. This time the Canadian Bethel white caught my attention and after some hesitation I asked if the price was still the same... The seller told me that nobody wanted the Rocknives anymore. They hadn't sold one of these knives for months and he said that he could lower the price to a whopping 20 euros. When I look at it now, I feel bad that I didn't took the entire collection. They look amazing and it's a natural product, so they're all unique... The Deluxe line is something special... It looks a bit too exclusive but I couldn't resist the red one with the Victorinox shield. It feels heavy, durable and well.... exclusive... 

The Swisstool x was nothing new for me. I already owned the old 1998 model, but I couldn't use it on my job (It was the first Victorinox multitool in my collection). The 98 model would become a shelfqueen and finally, after a few months I could get my hands on the 2010 model, brand new from the Outlet store in Roermond. I love this tool! It feels strong, durable, and you just know that this tool will never let you down. I'm an elektrician and I use it for crimping cable sleeves, stripping and even sawing in drywall... After a few weeks "in the field" use, I'm pretty sure this is a keeper! 

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