Sunday, May 5, 2013

Teak scaled MOD "WoodMechanic"

A long name for this one, but after a long search at Sakwiki, I couldn't find any existing Victorinox models for this configuration. I started with the Spartan as the base and went from there with the tools I would like on a biking/hiking knife... I added the scissors, wood saw and the pliers. This time I used another method to keep the knife together. I used the brass pins I ordered several months ago and drilled holes trough the scales. Afterwards I peened the pins and the knife was extremely sturdy. With this method, the traditional "snap", won't go away. It feels like this was an original, and that's nice, especially when you started from scratch. The scales are again made from the Thai Teakwood I bought in Bangkok a month ago and I finished with three layers of Yacht varnish... 

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