Monday, May 27, 2013

Swiss flea market - trip (1)

A few weeks ago, I was able to convince my wife to make another insane drive of 1300 km in two days. It wasn't difficult... She loves the scenery and I.... well.... I love their knives... :) I made an entire travel scheme because I wanted to visit four flea markets and two shops in two days. After some online searches, I stumbled upon two markets in our way up, and two on our way back home. They were all on our route, so finding them wouldn't be any problem. On the multitool forum someone told me that I should pay a visit at the Buchs AG flea market. He found some real nice Soldiers and I was curious to see if I could find vintage Vics for an affordable price... The other three markets were a gamble... You never know... Our first one was the Petersplatz flea market in Basel. This flea market is one very interesting place. It starts at 7.30 and not a minute earlier... Everyone is waiting with his stuff at hand till finally at 7.30 the first one puts down his bag and starts displaying his antiques. Once the first one opens up his bag, it becomes one big chaos... People start pushing and it almost looks like everyone thinks to find some treasure. Well... I found one... or better said, multiple treasures. The first stand we went to had a little box on the table. My wife picks it up and there are three soldiers... One from 59,41 and 73... All in mint condition... I ask the price and the guy answers in Swiss off course... After he sees that I have difficulties understanding, he repeats the price, but this time in English... 10 Franken... I'm exited and want to pay 30 CHF for the three, but my wife says that the guy means 10 CHF for the three... Unbelievable... about 8 euros for three vintage Soldiers... That one made my day, but after that lucky begin, the rest of the sellers knew their prices. All the other knives I bought, I payed way to much. You just need some luck if you want some nice Soldiers. Other models are out there but hard to find... The second market we went to was one in Dietikon. Only 10 stands and not one single knife... That one was depressing... :( That afternoon we went to the Ibach factory shop and to the Shop in Brunnen... We had still some daylight left and I decided to go to Luzern which was about 40 km from Ibach. It was a long shot, but I hoped to find the famous Luzern-lion Victorinox. I love that knife, but couldn't find it online... Once arrived, we went to the monument and instead of looking at the beautiful lion, I couldn't take my eyes of the many Victorinox sellers at the small area in front of it... One of the shops sold the beautiful Lion Victorinox and I bought it... The next day we went to the Buchs AG market, and after two hours of drooling I bought for way too much money some alox Soldiers and some vintage red alox pioneers. We skipped the fourth market and went back home at a decent hour.... That last one should've been too much....

Below the flea market in Buchs. This one was pretty big and had a lot of knives, but at a high price!

Below the Victorinox shop and Swiss knife valley visitorcenter in Brunnen. In the basement there's a small museum with a nice interactive display and  the possibility to make your own Spartan.

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