Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Custom Fieldmaster with exposed pins and brass scales

Last week, my wife asked me why I always use such thick scales on my mods. I told her that I needed three to four millimeter wood, to give it enough strength. When I try to peen the exposed pins in a thin wooden scale, the holes start to split the wood... Believe me... been there, done that... :) With the metal scales, it became an habit. I used four millimeters, while I could've gone much thinner. A few days ago, I used some brass plate I had laying around from 2mm. After adding my favorite tools, I peened the pins, and this time it worked like a sharm. The ends are round and stick about half a mm out the scales. I polished the scales with paste and after 10 "layers" I had a mirror finnish. They really look stunning! I made one mistake... I overpeened the main pins (2,5mm) with a tough opening as a result...