Saturday, June 15, 2013

DesLoges Brussels *Victorinox reseller*

About half a year ago I received an envelope from DesLoges in brussels with Victorinox promotional items like stickers, leaflets and an 2011 catalog. I was impressed by the customer-service that I decided to take a look at the shop in Brussels. For me that means an one hour and a half drive and searching for a small shop in a pretty large city... But, as usual when it comes to Victorinox... It was worth the trouble... If you find an underground parking spot near the Grand Place de Bruxelles, you should find it fairly easy... So, after some searching we saw the metal "DesLoges" - sign popping up and I was a bit disappointed when I saw the size of the shop. Inside the shop it became pretty clear to me that they had a lot to offer. In the displays, there were some discontinued knives and the prices were very low. The kind lady in the shop gave me some additional information about the limited alox runs, and promissed me to send the new 2013 catalog by mail.... The Swiss quality even reflects in the kindness and professional attitude of the sellers... If you're ever in Brussels and have some spare time, this is certainly worth the visit...

Here's the result of a trip where you promised your wife that you wouldn't buy any more knives... ;)

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