Saturday, June 15, 2013

Victorinox Climber with Microlight

This set is offered in a metal box with the Victorinox logo printed on top. The Microlight is made in the shape of the Victorinox cross and shield and the key chain has the name Victorinox engraved. The knife is a standard 91mm Climber, but the light, well that's another story.... I tought that the light was made by Victorinox, but that isn't the case. This type of microlight is actually made and sold by Inovalight. Inovalight is the manufacturer of high power portable LED-lights. This Microlight is crush- and waterproof, has enough power to lighten up the road ahead of you (about 50 feet according to their website) and has a one mile signal visibility... Pretty impressive for such a tiny light!

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