Thursday, June 20, 2013

Share your story Victorinox Classic

Early 2012, Victorinox created a contest in which every Vic-employee worldwide could enter and send in a real life story about their knife. A few days ago I met an ex-Victorinox employee who wanted to sell his "gift"... The white cardboard box with red logo contains a picture frame with cellophane instead of glass. When you open up the frame, you can clamp the Classic between the two layers of cellophane. On top of the frame, there's a small brochure with a text where Carl Elsener thanks his employee for the inspirational story. The knife itself is extraordinary! The scales are filled with "thank you" in all different languages, and the main blade has "for your story" and the signature of Carl Elsener etched on it. This is, according to the small letter included in the box, a set limited to a few hundred pieces worldwide, and that makes me smile, because I'm one of the few with one... ;)

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