Thursday, August 29, 2013

Custom Deer antler Spartan

This one was on my "wanted" list for a long time now and to be scared me to work with a rather expensive material with a fragile "bark" that needs to stay preserved. Too complicated? The outside layer on deer-antlers is called the bark, and this type of material stays the way it is, so no high grade polish to cover small scratches or imperfections. My second challenge was peening the rivets on a bumpy surface without hammering the bark to pieces. After the first rivet I came to the conclusion that this material is incredible strong. I hammered the scale (by accident) a few (many) times and without even a scratch. It looks stunning, and certainly when you use matching scales. I bought my material on Ebay and sawed the large pieces in 4 smaller ones. This way I can make another set for a 58mm classic. As a keychain, I used the tip of a roe's small antlers, combined with my paracord knot. 


  1. Looks great! Also a nice knife stand.

  2. Hi, found this on Pinterest, very nice - Respect! I think i have a new project :-). Thanks for sharing. Greets from Austria. Lg Wolf