Saturday, August 31, 2013

Victorinox Spring repair kit

This one was for sale on Ebay and I hesitated for a long time to buy it, because, let's be honest... This can be done without the kit. Take a small philips head screwdriver, push it inside the small loopside of the spring and the old spring pops out. Well, this set makes it much easier and it looks stunning! Another example of Swiss ingenuity... I made a small video tutorial, in case you should buy one and the provided instruction sheet doesn't does the job. ;) Sorry for the bad quality. I don't think you'll see much in fullscreen due to the low resolution, but even at a high quality conversion, Blogger keeps downgrading the image....

STEP 1 : Use the knife jig. There's a small metal piece at the side you should push (A) . When you do this the round metal piece on top goes up (B). Now you can insert the scissors to clamp it. The knife should be placed so the spring has nothing beneath it.

STEP 2 : Look at which spring type you want to replace. When you know which type it is, you can take one of the two punch-tools (red or green) (C) . These tools have "Montage" and "Demontage" written on each side. To remove an old spring, you should face the tool with Demontage towards you. The small pin is now at your side and when you push it in the small loop of the spring, you should be able to tap the large black knob once, and the spring pops out.

STEP 3 : When the spring hole is clear, you can use the countersink (D) to clean out small dirt and metal burrs.

STEP 4 : Take the new spring and place it on top of the open spring hole. Use the same tool as in step 2 (red or green) and face it this time with "Montage" towards you. Now you can tap the large black knob and the new spring should be in place.

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