Thursday, August 29, 2013

Victorinox DIY display stand

I love those nice Victorinox shop displays, but they're so damn hard to find. The shops keep them rather for themselves, or someone else already reserved them... Ok, I already own the moving knife, small rotating glass cabinet and some nice attributes, but you know... it's never enough... So, after three days and 60 euros less in my pocket, I managed to make a cool looking Victorinox shield with a rgb led  built in... I made it to display my customs, since my display cabinet get crowded. Mail me if you want some more info...

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jerone,
    I own a sign shop in East Peoria, IL.
    You should be able to find plastic scraps at a local sign shop.
    I.E. red (translucent) acrylic, white and clear as well, and white polycarbonate plastic scraps.
    I could make that display stand easily from my scraps pile.
    Just a nice suggestion after seeing your nice stand.
    And ro wet your whistle, I have lots of diodes and power supplies . . .
    Heck, I may make one.
    Regards, Mark