Monday, August 5, 2013

Victorinox Astronaut / Master Craftsman

This 91 mm knife started off as the Master Craftsman and in the late seventies, NASA gained interest in this rather "complete" toolbox. In 1978 one of the subcontractors, responsible for all the on board purchases, bought 50 pieces of this knife and distributed it with the astronauts. After the first few space shuttle missions, NASA needed to restock and by then (1986), Victorinox changed the name to "Astronaut". The knife had the newest reamer, round philips screwdriver and a few other small changes, but stayed overall the same... Victorinox did a smart move by changing the name of this knife, but after decades of thrilling space shuttle missions, people started taking them for granted and sales dropped... This may be one of the reasons why Victorinox discontinued the knife in 1991. I found one on the Felinevet shop new in box for a whopping 59$, and believe me, it's worth it! These knives become harder and harder to find and since Japan had a large overstock of this knife, it's even harder to find one with English/German warranty papers instead of Japanese.

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