Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vintage 1930's Peasant

This Peasant (there are more configurations under this name) is a 91mm model with ebony scales, nickel silver rivet guard and no back-tools. It contains a pruning blade, large blade and woodsaw. This type of commercial knife was first made in 1903, but added the woodsaw on the same side as the main blade. this changed somewhere between 1903 and 1930, because in 1931, the blade stamp "Victoria inside the crosbow",like this one, was added. It took me some effort to get this one shipped to Belgium, since the buyer only shipped to USA. After some "begging" I was able to change his mind and after some weeks it finally arrived. The main blade shows a lot of bad grinding but I was able to minimize the damage. A lovely knife with a nice story and especially history...

Age - marks :

* Woodsaw with nailnick : This type of woodsaw was used from 1902 till 1950

* Blade stamp : The main blade stamp has VICTORIA in a crossbow stamped. This stamping was used from 1931 on till?

Conclusion :
The seller advertised it as a Peasant from the 30's-40's and after some very limited research, I came to the same conclusion. Only the Blade stamp is dated from 1931 on, so I would say 1930's...

UPDATE : I couldn't resist cleaning the knife some more and after some polishing paste it came out the way I wanted it... The small pits, created by the surface rust are hard to remove, and give the knife that "genuine vintage" look. That's why I left some of those "marks" the way they were. I managed to clean the rivets and the backspring with a lot of patience. This is how it looks like...

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