Saturday, September 7, 2013

Victorinox mistakes - Collectors gold

In the new Millennium, many companies did their best to stand out between the crowd. Innovation and design were once more the main key to success and one company in Ibach made the big leap... During the first years Victorinox created some tools, many of us wouldn't believe they existed, because only a few years after the production date, they were discontinued. The AutoTool, SwissFlame, Sportsratchet and SwissBeat mp3 player were nice tries to push this already versatile company into other "branches", but mainly because of poorly designed OUTSOURCED details (plastic - Sportsratchet), bad research (swissflame - not child proof), or just high prices for already aged electronics (Swissbeat) they just didn't made it to the larger public. Collectors on the other hand, love these things, these "freaks" ;) have become real collectables, thanks to the low production numbers and their "different" design.

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