Saturday, September 7, 2013

Victorinox SwissFlame

This 91mm knife is an extension of the more known Climber. This one adds one layer with the Butane Jet lighter. It had only two flaws... The first, more important one is the Butane. This lighter required a high quality gas to ensure that the nozzle wouldn't clog up, but a lot of people used the more common, cheap Butane and the lighter stopped working. I've read some rapports of people who succeeded in cleaning the nozzle, but I wouldn't recommend it, since there are some risks in damaging the shell, and this makes the knife worthless. Don't be surprised when someone tells you that a non-working Swissflame in box can still sell for a whopping 200$. These things are HOT and I don't mean that literarily ;) . The second flaw was the child safety, handled in Northern America. These lighters were too dangerous and were therefor kept for European market. They were introduced in 2002 and discontinued in 2005 after many of them returned to the factory after clogging up...

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