Friday, September 27, 2013

Victorinox Signature Lite 0.6226

This little Classic changes his scale-tools (toothpick and tweezers) for the pen and small LED. I was surprised by both the easy handling of the pen and the amount of light produced by this very small LED light. The pressurized pens, available in the plus scales are nice to have in an urgent situation, but difficult to handle. When we look at the slide-design on the Signature-series, it gives you the necessary "bulky" handle we're used to. It's short, but so are the pencils in IKEA and that works well too.... ;) To open this pen, you need to unlock the small side-lever by sliding it towards the inside of the knife (A). Once unlocked you need to keep it this way and push it towards the LED side of the scale (B). The LED was surprisingly bright. It's bright enough to illuminate the path in front of you in an emergency situation, to find a key hole, or even to use as signaling light. The shield is used a the push button for the LED and a small hole on the side of the scale allows you to push the battery out with a needle. As you can see on the picture with the large light-spot, this LED provides just enough light to see the necessary...


  1. Great Article.
    I wonder if you know which is the battery model for this victorinox?

    1. Dear Ernesto,..

      This should be a 1,55 Volts 389E type battery according to the manual. I hope this helps!