Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DIY Victorinox display

A few weeks ago, my wife wanted to go to one of the many shoe-stores in Tongeren, a city close to where we live. When I entered the store, I noticed a nice display box with a glass cover and suddenly a lightbulb popped up above my head... This would be great for my Soldier replica.... And so I started my second display-diy adventure. It took me one week, 10 layers of acrylic paint, and a lot of patience to complete this one. Let's start with the basics... The base-construction is made of 8mm MDF wood and contains small pinewood beams to strengthen the frame. The RGB led strip inside provides a diffuse effect thanks to the milky white lucite inside the cross. On top, I used two LED lights of 3watts each, available in IKEA for 10Euro. The Acryl cover is cut with my figure saw and "welded" with Chloroform. The Victorinox decal was bought on Ebay and gives the display an "authentic" look... I'm a real diy guy, and made many things in my life, but this one made me smile when I showed it to the wife. ;) She loves it!

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