Friday, December 27, 2013

1980's Victorinox Director

This one is for quite some time in my collection and I must say that this steel patterned Guilloché design looks classy. Since I started pulling my 74mm collection out of the display cabinets, I started taking a second look at the bottom shelf... Too bad these beauties are stuffed in a place I can't see them. Maybe that's why I decided to give them some attention on the blog... The steel Guilloché design was a more select line, like the Deluxe Enameled 58 mm line, for the more, let's say upper class people... I was able to find this one New In Box for a very low price. It was the first victorinox knife I ever saw with this pattern and I loved it instantly... Victorinox released a list with all the special editions and the corresponding release dates on it, and that's why I was able to find out when they were made. According to this list, Victorinox produced this particular design from 1982 till 1985. Other patterns, as the one with two stripes in the middle, were made till 2006, but they all started production on the same year, 1982. Basically this knife's an Executive, but since they made a separate line with these steel scales they renamed it to the Director. Many collectors love this knife due to its short production "life" and the more durable steel scales.


  1. Do you have Victorinox Director with Alox scales?

  2. What a perfect knife. This has been my constant companion since 1975. I bought many and gave one to each of my six sons. There are still several new in the box stored away for the future.