Sunday, December 22, 2013

Victorinox Flagship store Düsseldorf

About a month ago, C. Meyer, the Brand communications manager of Germany and Austria, contacted me with a, let's call it a very kind E-mail, regarding my blog. He invited me in the Flagship store in Düsseldorf to experience the personal knife assembly... I wanted to see the shop, ever since someone told me it was so huge, so this was actually a nice push in the back to go... I contacted Josef Hegemann, the shop manager, made an appointment, and after some mails regarding the new Commemorative Damascus Explorer everything went fast...

Victorinox Flagship Store Düsseldorf
Königsallee 88, 40212 Düsseldorf, Germany
Tel.: +49 211 54473450

Opening hours:
Mo - Sa: 10.00 - 19.00 hrs

I was used to the "smaller" sized shops, but when I saw the huge front of this one, I was pretty curious for the interior... Once inside I noticed the wide array of knives. The largest part of the shop is clothes, perfumes, watches and travel bags, but the knife part is definitely worth mentioning. They use the same wall-display as every other Victorinox shop, but add a nice "personal assembly" area to the knife-part. Josef Hegemann, the shop manager gave me a warm welcome and pointed me to their assembly-specialist. This lovely woman told me step by step how to add every tool, spring and rivet. After a first mistake (my mistake), my "guide" offered me to try it a second time, and this time with success... This shows once more the Swiss perfectionism you find in every knife... After the kind explanation and engraving of my "personal companion" I took some time to look around. I bought the new Minichamp in red Alox and I was very tempted by the Cheese knife with cow horn handles, but with a price tag of 230 Euro, I had to make a choice and I'm still waiting for the Damascus Explorer, so... Even after the knife assembly,they offered me a nice giftbag, filled with books and a Düsseldorf Spartan. This shop is certainly worth the visit! If you're a knife collector, this shop offers more than enough to keep you busy while your wife tries out every garment out there... :) 

In case you guys should read this... Thank you for this great experience and warm welcome! This is how every shop should be!

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