Sunday, December 15, 2013

Victorinox Signature 0.6225.T

I already discussed the Signature Lite, so this one isn't very different, except for the missing Led-light. I can't remember exactly which documentary, but in one, Mr. Carl Elsener said that he likes to carry the Signature and that he already signed a lot of important contracts with it. Coincidence wants that with my recent factory visit, Mr. Wyss gave my wife and me a Signature as a gift. I'm honestly afraid to use it, because it means a lot to me and this was one of the few knives, missing in my collection. One thing that I liked very much about this knife was that it contains one scale tool (tweezers) and that the other tool is separately included in the box, since one scale has the pressurized ballpoint included. This knife is based on the 58mm Classic design and has actually the name Signature 2. The original Signature had a removable pen and that gave some problems with handling due to the small size. The original one isn't manufactured anymore... 

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