Monday, December 23, 2013

Victorinox Alox MiniChamp 0.6381.20

When this one showed up on the forum, everyone loved it. Alox is and will always be far more attractive than cellidor and since Victorinox had only released a few limited Minichamps with Alox scales, this was an opportunity to complete the collection. They come in three different colours, red, silver and black. I've seen them all in the Flagship store in Dusseldorf and must say that red pops out as the more "classic" Alox colour (see red Alox and the old cross). This little 58mm toolbox is stunning... It contains tons of tools in a size that's hardly noticeable thanks to the small size (58mm) and weight (40grams). Prices may vary around 40 Euro and they will be available from late 2013... 

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  1. It's an amazing model. It is beautiful
    Check out my review on these MINICHAMP alox:

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