Monday, December 23, 2013

Blue, bluer, bluest...

This is more a request than a post you've become used to... A few weeks ago I noticed that someone posted a picture of all the Translucent shades available, on the Victorinox Facebook page. I knew that there were orange, ruby, onyx, silvertech, sapphire and emerald translucent scales in 91mm knives, but I wasn't aware that brown and the lighter blue shade existed... So, that's that?.... Nope, when I started looking for the blue translucent scales with my regular seller my wife (once again) noticed three different shades of blue. I bought them immediately and here we are. Is there a possibility that translucent scales wear off in UV-light? Or was there a change of material/manufacturing method over the years? I don't know if you can see the different shades on the pictures, but there is a clear difference. Try to look at the structure you can see through the clear plastic. A is the darkest one, the more known one.... Sapphire... B is the mysterious one. C is the lightest shade, also the second I found on the picture I mentioned on Facebook.

Here's my Translucent collection so far... The Onyx ones are hard to find, and yet they are still mentioned in the 2013 catalog... strange... 


  1. Some people on eBay are referring to shade C as "topaz" though I suspect that's not official?

    1. Finally an answer... ;) Thanks for the update! I believe the name is the original name used by Victorinox, since the 58mm line has a similar shade and name. I bought last year two small gems in Thailand called "blue topaz" and the knife's shade corresponds with the stones so... Thanks again for the info....