Saturday, January 18, 2014

Polishing Victorinox scales (VIDEO)

When I started this blog I was convinced that cellidor could only be polished by hand. I was afraid that a machine would damage the rather delicate material, but after some trial and error with a small polishing wheel on my Dremel I noticed that the high speed didn't damage the Cellidor scales. I bought an adjustable drill-clamp, a cheap power drill and a polishing cloth with paste. I use this setup almost for a year now and must say that every knife I repaired looks like new! The manual method works too, but this is so much easier and faster! Please keep in mind that the slow-motion I inserted in the movie is for warning purposes! This can and will happen to you too, so be careful!!! I've had tools flying around when I tried to re-polish separate blades and reamers (when I polish smaller objects, I always use safety goggles) !

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