Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Victorinox Buffalo horn 84mm Golfer

This knife was for sale in the Victorinox outlet shop and after some close inspection, I noticed that the tweezers-opening was damaged. Nothing huge, but you could clearly see that someone tried to pull out the tweezers with force. The big disadvantage with natural scales is that these materials expand and shrink in temp-changes. Often, the scale-tools get stuck and some people don't take no for an answer if you know what I mean. If you see that it won't budge, please leave it the way it is... I know someone who tried to pull out the tweezers that got stuck in a nice executive with Mother of Pearl scales. Result.... the corner cracked....  To continue with the Golfer... :) It was a New Old Stock, so it didn't took me long to decide weather I would take it or not. The guy decided to give me some discount since it was damaged and I returned home with a nice discontinued 84mm Vic. This knife contains unique tool combination with scissors, combination tool, large blade, corkscrew and large nail file. This last tool is fairly rare and was discontinued due to the weak design and replaced by the more sturdy nail file you find in the Cadet. The scales are made of Buffalo horn and show nice beige stripes flowing through the jet-black background. I love pure black Buffalo horn scales, but these have a nice combination of both colors. There are some variations on this knife even in 91mm and without the long nail file, so that makes this one "rare", and after some time, Victorinox evolved this knife to the compact (in 91mm) and eventually the Golf-tool to satisfy the needs of the actual golf-enthusiast. This knife was produced from 1986 till 1990, since in 1990 Victorinox added a gliding groove inside the scissors handle and before 1986 the combo-tool didn't exist. This is one rare beauty for a fair price and New In Box! 


  1. Happy New Year! Great knife. I would never give a thought to scale tools binding in the knife due to expansion. But come to think of it..... I have seen a few old knives on ebay with damaged horn scales. I like the grooved corkscrew too. The nail file is a weird tool which looks like a pry to me, which means I would break it off first time out. I looked that tool up in SAKWiki and saw that it appears as far back as the 40s and even up to 2010 on some models. (Another example of me reading your blog spending ages exploring things on various tangents) Cheers Al Oz

    1. Happy New Year! The long nail file is indeed a fragile piece of work. I took a vintage Huntsman apart just to see how the damn thing is constructed and it didn't look good... The axis of the file is supported by two tiny holes on the aluminum liners, so al the pressure on the spring is expanding the holes over the years. It surprises me that it stayed till 2000....