Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why the ads?

About a month ago I gave it a try and started adding banner ads to my blog. Why these annoying ads you might ask? Well, let's be honest... I love my hobby and spend a lot of time on this blog, but although I like receiving / replying  mails and adding new pictures /texts to this blog I needed some way to justify the time consumption to my wife. This seemed the perfect way in between... Don't think this is a huge money-making machine. I'm talking about a few Dollars a month, but it gives a certain comfort that you get paid for the time you invest.... Don't feel obligated to click these ads (I get a small fee per click)! Take a look and if you notice something you like, click it... If not, no harm done! I just wanted to let you guys know why you should "tolerate" these small "inconveniences"...

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