Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Victorinox scales strength test

After I heard someone claim that Cellidor scales aren't the strongest, I had to laugh. Cellidor was to my opinion strong, if not VERY strong! But that same guy verified his statement with a dishwasher experiment. He placed a Victorinox Spartan with Cellidor scales in the dishwasher and placed the picture online. I was a bit disappointed and did some tests myself. I did two main tests on 3 different Victorinox scales. First the scratch test. Everyone knows that wearing a Victorinox knife in your pocket results in scuffed and dented scales. I always wondered if other materials would have the same result so I took a punch tool and scratched a small cross in the three different materials. The first one on the left (A) is a Translucent scale and showed a very visible white scratch. The second one (B), the Cellidor scale did a bit better, but the scratch was still visible. The last one (C), a Nylon Economy scale surprised me. This was the cheapest and the strongest. I had some trouble to make the scratch the same depth as the other ones and afterwards it didn't look as ugly as the other two. This material is made to resist and it shows. Too bad it looks so damn ugly! By the way.... The scales I used are used donor-parts, so they were already scratched, but sanded and polished like new. The second test was how the different materials would react to hot water. This is to proof that these knives are safe to wash in very hot water (hotter than hot tap water, but NOT boiling!) or not! The Nylon one (C) is once again the winner, or better said, the only survivor. Let this be a good lesson... Stay away from HOT water (Not boiling!) Cellidor and Translucent scales have the tendency to bend if heated so be careful! ...


  1. My sincere congratulations for this post. It is a perfect information. It is very clear. Greetings from Spain

  2. Thanks for the amazing post. Just one question: is the transparent scale made of the same material (Cellidor) as the classic red scale ? Thank you! Enrico

  3. great post very helpful in identifying