Wednesday, January 2, 2013

GAK : Mil Tec vs. Victorinox

The Mil-Tec GAK is, according to many collectors, rather a reproduction than an issued knife. Reproduction or not, it's a quality knife, but misses the high grade pollish and stronger backbone of the real deal. The Mil-Tec feels strong, but when you open the main blade, you'll instantly see that the the blade doesn't stand 100% straight. The steel looks great, but when you compare it to the Vic steel, you'll notice a difference. The Victorinox steel looks like a mirror, while the Mil-Tec's looks like "brushed" steel. I'm pretty shure that durability will make the definitive decision between these knives. Victorinox can be copied by looks, but Swiss quality is unique! The GAK consists of a large blade, a woodsaw with file (there are some models without the file), a caplifter on the saw, a large flathead screwdriver on top of the caplifter ,a corckscrew and an awl. The scales are made of nylon. The GAK was the first Victorinox knife that uses nylon scales. The Victorinox GAK was used from 1976 till 2003.

Specs :

* length : 108 mm (closed)
* width : 14 mm (measured)
* weight : 85 gr. (measured)



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